About Napa Cakes Panforte

Handmade in the Napa Valley

About Napa Cakes Panforte

Local, natural ingredients baked in small batches
with extraordinary care make
our Sofi Award Finalist Napa Cakes Panforte dense, moist and delicious.

This Napa Cakes Panforte recipe was developed
for a neighborhood fundraiser a few years ago. Inspired by a family recipe, I replaced some of my grandmother's ingredients with ones that I particularly like and that speak to our home in Napa.

The cooking time is critical, and It took a lot of trial and error, but I'm delighted to say that the results have won praise from chefs, vintners and customers whose opinions I respect.
And now I bake with my granddaughters.


-Raelyn Caldwell, one of seven granddaughters

It's my wish that you'll share in enjoying every
mouth-watering bite of this healthy decadence.

Marjorie Caldwell

-Marjorie Caldwell, owner of Napa Cakes Panforte