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Being a food history buff, panforte is one of the recipes that have intrigued me for a long time. "Strong bread", a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, honey, cocoa and spices that makes this dense with intense flavors.  My dear friend Marge has elevated panforte to a new level using local, natural ingredients, every cake made by hand. Other examples of panforte, both imported and domestic are good, but what sets Napa Cakes apart is that you can taste the different ingredients as you eat a slice of Marge's panforte. It's not just one flavor. as you eat it you can pick out the flavor of the almonds, the apricots, the cocoa and so on. Her version of this century old recipe has layers of flavor, it is clean tasting and rich. The sweetness from the honey is balanced by the tartness of dried fruits and the bitter earthiness of cocoa.

I pride myself in being able to make all the food that I serve at Perbacco and barbacco. Napa Cakes panforte is the only thing apart from cheese that I trust someone else to produce for me. I'm proud to have this artisenal panforte on my menu.
-Staffan Terje, Chef/Proprietor
Perbacco Ristorante + Bar
barbacco eno trattoria

Our Panforte, is a delicious dessert or healthy snack. It goes well with wine, coffee, tea, as a snack, or dessert after dinner. One of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

O Magazine December 2012 Issue Adam Says Article


Napacakes is so delicious you must buy at least two, one to stash in your cupboard for yourself and one to share with your friends and family. We love to take one in a backpack with our picnic for a long hike; taste some at the end of a meal with a bottle of red wine; in the morning with coffee or as a late morning pick me up...who knew apricots, dried cranberries and almonds could be elevated so well?!
-Todd Humphries, Chef/Owner 
Kitchen Door Restaurant